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Noticing the epochal change of the sector owing to the forthcoming globalization, in the year 1990 Aldo Belbruti created ERRE.BI.BI., with the aim of fulfilling the new needs and getting thus new opportunities.

Instead, to delocalize, Aldo creates a team with a lean and flexible structure with high-qualified employees and technicians, able to perform a quick, precise and qualified service. The goal was and is to fulfil needs and wishes of the customers, which mainly are fashion designers.

A new vision of the work has thus been created by upgrading the customers to partners: sharing the path with them and getting common synergy thanks to an “open collaboration…”

The streamlined structure, the company’s expertise and the architecture and design studio, allow to work in three sectors: FASHION, LIVING, FREE TIME, selling directly or acting as subcontractor.

The commitment toward the partner-clients is not only based upon professionalism, but also on mutual respect, which led ERRE.BI.BI. to collaborate with the best brands the world, Our company is today a reference for many clients who are looking for high quality, quick service, and affordable price and last not least a deep human relationship.

IX CUBE is born out of all this: an idea of new living, a new way to feel comfortable in all surroundings with no limits to CREATIVITY, PHANTASY, BEAUTY and HARMONY OF COLOURS: a new way for living with simplicity, elegance and eco-sustainability.